“Not everyone had a great year in 2016… Lets take a look back”

Lamar Odom Image result for lamar odom diedNot only did he die for a few months he came back to still have a Kardashian as a wife… I wonder if heaven had basketball courts

Harambe “The Gorilla”Image result for HarambeBeing a black gorilla is tough, so tough that you get shot saving a kid that fell into your back yard.  I wonder if heaven has bananna’s

Disney Gator AttackImage result for disney gator attackWell people what did we learn in 2016? Keep your kid out the damn water.  Not only did a little boy get killed by a gator, the parents tried to blame Disney.  I wonder does heaven have roller coasters

Kanye West and Bruce JennerNot only did the go crazy, the both have to keep dealing with Kim K and the rest of the Kardashian sisters, that’s enough you make you want to cut off your man hood.  I wonder does heaven have a Voice Mail

US Swimmer Caught Lying Image result for bad things that happened in 2016Too bad they couldn’t lie as good as they swim,  Several members of the US Olympic swim team were caught telling a hot one, when they said the were robbed at gun point at a Rio gas station.  I wonder does heaven have a pool

 Rapper TI Related imageRight as the new year ended rapper TI’s wife Tiny filed for a divorce, many people think it’s be cause she loves Floyd Mayweather and that TI keeps coming home smelling like Pu**y.  I wonder does heaven have a studio

Meek Millz Image result for meek mill drake nicki minaj

Not a great year for Meek, not only did Drake destroy him with not one but two diss tracks, he got dumped by his big butt girl friend Nikki.  I wonder does heaven have dirt bikes

Rick Ross Related image

How do you get arrested for holding someone hostage in your own house only to have to put your house up to get out of jail?  Well Rick Ross managed to do all of that, the boss himself spent a fews weeks in a Atlanat jail after kidnapping his landscaper.  I wonder does heaven have a wing stop

Derick Rose Image result for Derrick rose court

He was accused of gang raping a woman but after he told the judge her Pu**y smelled like wet news paper all the charges were dropped. I wonder does heaven have new knees

Dj KhaledImage result for dj khaled white house

He get the L just because he talks too much, so much that he was kicked out the white house for asking to see the kitchen.  I wonder is heaven the best

Hillary Clinton Image result for hillary clinton

No only did she let america down, she got beat by Donald Trump and did it wearing a pants suit, that over 10 years of taking L’s.  I wonder does heaven have a taylor

Mariah CareyImage result for mariah carey new yearsShe may look sexy as hell but she has the decision making skills of a squirrel, not only did she get dumped by a billionaire she asked him for 50 million for the break up, she has lost her damn mind, she also managed to end 2016 with the worst performance of her career.  I wonder does heaven have waist trainers

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Image may contain: one or more peopleWell folks to wrap up the biggest L’s taken in 2016, we have the United States.  Donald Trump was able to create a racial divide and came away being the president of the united states.  Hope you all are happy, lets just see what the 2017 has in store for the united states.  I wonder does heaven have a ghetto