See How The Kardashian Women Ruined Their Men One By One


“It’s all fun and games until your sitting in a room watching a man tuck his di*k”

Said Lamar Odom after telling a TMZ reporter how the Kardashian women have ruined every man they run across.  Well the winner of the 2016 women that make men go crazy goes to The Kardashian Women, Lamar had to die just to forget some the pain Khole put him through, Scott was smoking crack with Lamar, Kanye was watching Caitlen tuck her di*k, Oh lets not forget OJ Simpson AKA Lets go stab a white bitc*h to death.

“Kanye will always remember that Ray J Fu*ked his wife… And that Basketball Dude oh and The Football guy ”¬†Image result for kardashian womens men

Never the less there is one thing to say and thats make sure you stay clear of the Kardashian’s

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