Mother Dies In Police Custody After Cooking Sons Yorkie To Complete You Name It Challenge


“I think it was the dog that did it…. You know, made her feet swell”

39 year old Ciara Macy went into diabetic coma after her 9 year-old son called the cops for cooking the families tea cup Yorkie, EMS was called to the residence where they found Ciara on the floor with a plate with enough food to feed a homeless shelter.  Her son said he believed she loved that song more than him, she was singing it while she cooked that morning.

“OMG….It’s a song not real life”Image result for little boy talking to police

People have to realize that this internet stuff is not real life, she actually took it into her own hands to kill the kids dog said detective Avery Mills,  we hope people will learn from this incident not to try everything you see online.

Michael Jordan Says He Always Brought His Own Cup When He Visited Magic Johnson House


“I wasn’t trying to catch a cold… if you know what I mean”

Michael Jordan is a long time friend of Magic Johnson but when it came down to visiting the Magic Man Mike always came prepared.  In a interview from 2001 Michael went on to say that he was extra careful when he visited Magic, he always made sure to bring his own cup to drink out of and never used the bathroom because he just didn’t want to catch a cold he couldn’t get rid of.

“Listen Magic’s son was wearing his mom’s shoes back then”Image result for mj at magic johnsons house

Ever time i visited Magic his son would be in the house dancing to Orange Juice Jones wearing his mothers high heels, I would never bring my kids with me to play because I didn’t want that to rub off on my sons.


Snoop Says There Are Levels Once You Reach The Top And Kanye Wasn’t Ready


“There are levels once you reach the top… He just wasn’t ready”

Said Rapper Snoop Dog after being asked what he thought about Kanye going crazy this past week, some people just have to find out the hard way,  look at Enimen he disapeared for 2 years after meeting him.  Kanye knows so much that the world doesn’t know that it’s driving him crazy,  being friends with Jay-Z is like smoking crack for ten days strait.

“Kanye found out that once you’re in there’s no getting out”Image result for kanye with tupac

This nigga is crazier than the shit i smoke, “I smoke tons weed but weed don’t make you do that, now meeting Tupac will do that to you.

See How The Kardashian Women Ruined Their Men One By One


“It’s all fun and games until your sitting in a room watching a man tuck his di*k”

Said Lamar Odom after telling a TMZ reporter how the Kardashian women have ruined every man they run across.  Well the winner of the 2016 women that make men go crazy goes to The Kardashian Women, Lamar had to die just to forget some the pain Khole put him through, Scott was smoking crack with Lamar, Kanye was watching Caitlen tuck her di*k, Oh lets not forget OJ Simpson AKA Lets go stab a white bitc*h to death.

“Kanye will always remember that Ray J Fu*ked his wife… And that Basketball Dude oh and The Football guy ” Image result for kardashian womens men

Never the less there is one thing to say and thats make sure you stay clear of the Kardashian’s

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