Chris Brown Walks Out Meeting After Mayweather Pulled Out A Pic Of Rihanna


“Have you ever fought a crack head… They don’t fall”

Said Floyd Money Mayweather when he was asked about the up coming fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown.  Chris has been known to sniff up a snow storm if you know what i mean, Champ is requiring Brown to take weekly drug test while training.  50 Cent countered the request saying.

“Soulja Boy can’t put out no trash music.. Meaning he can’t do music at all”Image result for mayweather 50 chris brown soulja boy

50 says he will make sure Chris is clean and drug free just so he can see the look on Soulja Boy’s face when he get his ass beat by a yellow nigga.

White Black Panther Arrested After Telling Black Cop Stay Woke My Ni**a


“You out here following the white man agenda… free yo self my brotha”

Melvin Sims said it was all he could do besides shooting this confused white woman after she was pulled over for a traffic violation.  It wasn’t until Sims smelled a strong scent of Weed, Black Soap and Coconut oil did he become suspicious of Mandy Longringer’s actions.

“I ain’t did nothing, I’m a strong sista in the fight”Image result for white women in back of cop car

Sim’s stated in his police report that she tried her best to get of the ticket, singing old negro church songs, rapping Tupac’s that’s just the way it is and even offering me churches chicken.  The chicken almost set her free until she said “I PAY TAXES”… that was a tell tell sign that she wasn’t down for the brown.

Judge Dies From Laughing After Asking This Man To Remove His Hat


“No hats in my court room sir… Well I’ll be damn boy”

Were the last words Sanchez Victor heard before a Miami Judge fell to the floor holding his chest dying from a heart attack.  The Lego Toy Company used Victors image as the blue print for the Mr.Blockhead toy.  Victor would walk around the factory and people would yell out, Yo block head.  They made millions off the shape of my head, my kids would come home from school telling me that it’s a toy that looks just like you daddy, are you a toy dad?

“They made millions off the shape of my head”

Victor was awarded 2.9 million dollars after a new Judge was assigned to the case, the new Judge allowed Victor to keep his hat on in the court room saying we don’t need anyone else dying on us.

Soulja Boy Arrested Again After Tips Connect Him To New Years Eve Shooting


“The suspect had a purple glock 24 and was wearing gold shoes”

It’s Atlanta so you know it could have been any if these wanna be thugs, but when they said he had a purple gun, all fingers pointed to soulja boy. He was actually taking out the trash, that’s when he spotted up an ran back to his condo, it took 20 minutes to get the door open, we believe he hid most of drugs by the time we got in but we were still able to find guns, drugs and a pet monkey.

“Hope all that stuff he raps about is real because guys like him don’t last long in prison”



Ohio State Player Presses Charges On Clemson Player After Being Fingered Banged


“He tired to finger me on national tv”

Ohio State running back say life hasn’t been the same since he was violated by a Clemson Lineman during this past weekends game. Ok I got tackled but i didn’t sign up to get a finger stuck in my ass, I couldn’t tell anyone but social media caught it before anyone else.

“I feel like a bit*h now”

The Ohio state player has since pressed charges on the Clemson player, with all those pads on he still found time to do that to me.

Mariah Carey’s Billionaire EX Says, I Can Smile Knowing I Ruined Her Throat


“How do you think she got that big ass ring… It’s not because she can cook”

Said Mariah’s Billionaire EX Fiance after seeing her tragic New Years Eve singing horror show.  Maria took to the stages looking stunning as usual but something was different this time, she sound like a dying cat.  People looked on as the singer took the last L of 2016.  Even MMA star Ronda Rousy could smile knowing that she wasn’t the last one to fall victim to 2016.

It was a rare meltdown on national television by one of the top-selling recording artists of all time. Ms. Carey, maybe this was her sign to sit her ass down and to just smile and look pretty.

California Wakes Up To “HollyWeed” Hollywood Got A Face Lift For 2017


“Light that shit, smoke that shit, pass that shit”

What a great way to start off 2017, over night the Hollywood sign was altered with the words HOLLY WEED, that’s right WEED.  California has been known for it’s love of the green stuff and their residents wanted to make sure that the world knows.  This just might be what the United States Needs in 2017, it could have been Holly Crack… Live videos have been seen popping up on face book all morning, go take a look for your self.

“I love weed and it loves me back”

Image result for man smiling smoking weed


Let’s Take A Look Back At The Biggest L’s Taken in 2016


“Not everyone had a great year in 2016… Lets take a look back”

Lamar Odom Image result for lamar odom diedNot only did he die for a few months he came back to still have a Kardashian as a wife… I wonder if heaven had basketball courts

Harambe “The Gorilla”Image result for HarambeBeing a black gorilla is tough, so tough that you get shot saving a kid that fell into your back yard.  I wonder if heaven has bananna’s

Disney Gator AttackImage result for disney gator attackWell people what did we learn in 2016? Keep your kid out the damn water.  Not only did a little boy get killed by a gator, the parents tried to blame Disney.  I wonder does heaven have roller coasters

Kanye West and Bruce JennerNot only did the go crazy, the both have to keep dealing with Kim K and the rest of the Kardashian sisters, that’s enough you make you want to cut off your man hood.  I wonder does heaven have a Voice Mail

US Swimmer Caught Lying Image result for bad things that happened in 2016Too bad they couldn’t lie as good as they swim,  Several members of the US Olympic swim team were caught telling a hot one, when they said the were robbed at gun point at a Rio gas station.  I wonder does heaven have a pool

 Rapper TI Related imageRight as the new year ended rapper TI’s wife Tiny filed for a divorce, many people think it’s be cause she loves Floyd Mayweather and that TI keeps coming home smelling like Pu**y.  I wonder does heaven have a studio

Meek Millz Image result for meek mill drake nicki minaj

Not a great year for Meek, not only did Drake destroy him with not one but two diss tracks, he got dumped by his big butt girl friend Nikki.  I wonder does heaven have dirt bikes

Rick Ross Related image

How do you get arrested for holding someone hostage in your own house only to have to put your house up to get out of jail?  Well Rick Ross managed to do all of that, the boss himself spent a fews weeks in a Atlanat jail after kidnapping his landscaper.  I wonder does heaven have a wing stop

Derick Rose Image result for Derrick rose court

He was accused of gang raping a woman but after he told the judge her Pu**y smelled like wet news paper all the charges were dropped. I wonder does heaven have new knees

Dj KhaledImage result for dj khaled white house

He get the L just because he talks too much, so much that he was kicked out the white house for asking to see the kitchen.  I wonder is heaven the best

Hillary Clinton Image result for hillary clinton

No only did she let america down, she got beat by Donald Trump and did it wearing a pants suit, that over 10 years of taking L’s.  I wonder does heaven have a taylor

Mariah CareyImage result for mariah carey new yearsShe may look sexy as hell but she has the decision making skills of a squirrel, not only did she get dumped by a billionaire she asked him for 50 million for the break up, she has lost her damn mind, she also managed to end 2016 with the worst performance of her career.  I wonder does heaven have waist trainers

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Image may contain: one or more peopleWell folks to wrap up the biggest L’s taken in 2016, we have the United States.  Donald Trump was able to create a racial divide and came away being the president of the united states.  Hope you all are happy, lets just see what the 2017 has in store for the united states.  I wonder does heaven have a ghetto


Kanye Says He’s Taking A Year Off Music To Become A Professional Body Builder


“It’s A New Yeee”

Kanye West was seen going into a California gym where he has made up his mind to become a professional body builder.  Come into a NEW YEEE, what’s in the past is in the past, weight lifting has always been a passion now it’s time to bring it to the light.

“Like Hov said make another Hov”Related image

Be happy, that’s all Yee can do for 2017, no music, no concerts, just me and the gym.  It’s going to be hard but my family has my back and nothing can stop me!

50 Cent Says Mayweather Wants To Know How Does T.I. Smash That


“I was a fan of TI before I saw that ass, cant trust his decision making skills”

Floyd has spent countless hours trying to figure out how TI even puts himself to have sex with such an ass.  There are so many things wrong with this picture, that rap money must need a co-signer at the bank because there is no what in hell Money would jab that.  TI may take an L with the divorce but at least he can have sex with the lights on now.

“We bet $38,000 that her ass is made of big words”Related image

Floyd says he can’t worry about another man’s woman, when it’ nicer asses working at Starbucks.

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