14-Year-Old On Track To Build Million Dollar Lawn Care Business


By looking 14 year old Daron Taylor you wouldn’t think much but little do you know this young man is on track to becoming a Lawn Care Millionaire.  Him and his little brother started a lawn care business with no more than a push mower, bike and home made trailer.  I wasn’t until a video surfaced of the 14 year old pulling his mowers behind his bike did he become an internet sensation.

“I love hard work and it rewards me” birthday celebration


He has raised over $30,000 since starting a Go-Fund me page and has big plans for this up coming spring and summer!  Let’s hope more young kids…… And Adults see this and take that Jump and try to start a business they love!

Dj Khaled & Rick Ross Kicked Out The White House After Asking To See The Kitchen


“They literary checked all the cabinets”

He talked about all types of shit, how Rick Ross keep wings in his coat pockets, how to cook the perfect grilled cheese, how to get hot sauce pass TSA, the man needs a cooking show.  DJ Khaled was more than excited when he was told he was going to get to meet President Obama and get a tour of the White House, he insisted that this was more important than being the best.

“Can we see the kitchen”

Khaled and Ross hearts was broken when they found out all the food was brought into the White House instead of being cooked in the kitchen.  They literary checked all the cabinets to only find out they were empty, we have never seen a grown man get mad about not being able to use a kitchen, great guys tho.

New York Man Sets Up A GoFundMe Page To Protect Bill Cosby & His Eye From 2016


“The pills and women didn’t kill him but 2016 is a MF”

This year has seen a large number of beloved stars leaving us, including David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Alan Rickman and now actress and author Carrie Fisher.  A New York City man has started a Go-Fund me page to protect Mr.Jello himself from the wrath of 2016, with only a few days left in 2016 it would be a sad day to see Bill Cosby be taken down by 2016.

“$7,200 should keep him safe and pay my child support”Image result for man paying child support

Marvin Write of Harlem said he grew up on the Cosby’s and would hate to see Bill be taken out by a hating ass 2016, the man had gone through enough already. If lying white women and men can take you out nothing can.

Drake Says Love Isn’t Scared To Cry In Public, Proposes To J.Lo After Dating For 3 Weeks


“Love is what took me to the other side of the pillow”

Rapper Drake has proposed to Jennifer Lopez only after dating for three week, the rapper took to his instagram late last night posting a picture of the two cuddle up at a OVO Christmas dinner.  Friends of Drake say around 11:30pm Drake stopped the music and dropped down to a knee asking J.Lo would she be his wife.

“She said No”Image result for drake and jennifer lopez

Drake could be seen crying and pacing in the parking lot before J.Lo came to his side, Diddy also texted Drake telling him, that woman will ruin your life boy… Be happy she said no.

New York Lotto Winner Decorates Christmas Tree With $3,000 Dollars Worth Of Timberlands


“Timb’s on the tree and Henny in my stockings”

Ervin Willis said since God blessed him with the sauce he had to bring his Harlem swag back to christmas.  Willis spent over three thousand dollar on timberland’s just to decorate his tree.  Evrin could been seen walking passing out 6in wheat timbs to kids and bottles of Henny to the OG’s in the neighborhood.

“2-34-2-4-11 and 34, those numbers gave me the sauce”Image result for kids getting timberlands

Willis says when you get a gift so close to your heart, it must be shared with the world.  Timberland on those kids feet made me smile like fat Oprah, I hope they remember that day forever.

Tiny Harris Tells Divorce Judge She’s Tired Of T.I Coming Home Smelling Like Musty Pu**y


“Sex isn’t supposed to stank”

Tiny Harris has filed for divorce from TI one day after christmas, Tiny has complained that he would come home at all hours of the night smelling like strippers and Henny.  Mayweather wrote a 4 page letter to the couple wishing them the best, but they were unable to read it because of the misspelled words being written in magic marker didn’t help.

“He’d come home saying he saved a homeless person”

TI was seen being dropped off at Hartsville International airport late monday night on his way Las Vegas to meet up with Mayweather and the money team to help save his marriage.

Versace Employee Says “Sickle Cell” Is The Code-Word For Black Shoppers


” Sickle Cell.. Keep you eyes open”

Ex Versace Employee said he was fired before he ever got to use his employee discount after he spoke up in a morning meeting.  In this morning meeting the manager was going over store conduct and what to watch out for during the holiday season, code word Rough Head.  That’s this weeks word for black shoppers, Willie Mayes spoke up telling the manger you do know i’m black and the manager replied

“That’s why you Sickle Cell head in your ear piece when you go on break”Image result for versace employee

Mayes was fired one day before Christmas for what the manager called not following company policy, Mayes and his lawyer plan on filing a lawsuit against the company.

Michael Jordan Tells Fan Stop Buying Fakes J’s Before Your Feet Turn Green


“Name one time you seen me wearing velvet J’s”

Michael Jordan and son Jeffrey Jordan could be seen laughing while sitting court side at the Hornets game over the weekend, when Jordan stopped a random man and began to point at his shoes, bystander said they could hear MJ saying those are not my shoes, you better get your money back before your feet turn green.

“Take them off now and i’ll give these off my feet”Image result for jordan at hornets game

Jordan convinced the man that no only his shoes were faker than Kim K ass but he talked the man into throwing his fake J’s away in front of thousands of NBA fans.  Jordan and the fan could be seen smiling at half time when he handed him a real pair of J’s.

Cops Denied Service At Cheesecake Factory, We Don’t Want Our Black Customers Shot


“You can either leave your guns in the car or go eat doughnuts”

Said a Manager at an Atlanta based Cheese Cake Factory, when four officers in uniform came in to eat lunch.  The manager asked them if they could remove their weapons because it’s a fire arm free zone and their mostly African American customer base would feel more comfortable knowing they didn’t have a gun to “accidentally” shoot some one.

“Every time your kind gets around a lot of black people someone gets shot”

The cops have already filed a complaint, saying they felt like they were treated wrong only to be answered back with a email saying….. If you don’t like our rules go eat at Krispy Cream”

Judge Laughs At Murderer After He Screamed Out, I Don’t Wanna Get Raped


“I don’t wanna be no body’s bitch.. i’m gone die”

As he was led out handcuffed he sobbed and doubled over, then put his hand over his heart and cried more as he signed court documents, He could be heard mumbling my ass gone be on fire.

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